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Sat, Jun 15
A Compendium of Property & Capital News
Jun 15

Northstar Project & Real Estate Services Appoints Kirstin Brown as Next President

January 24, 2024

Cambridge — Northstar, a real estate services firm providing project management and development management services, recently announced a strategic leadership transition. Tom Fanning, a co-founder and President of Northstar since its establishment in 2010, is stepping down from his role as President. In alignment with the company’s succession plan, Tom will transition into a pivotal role providing leadership and guidance to the management team and working with clients on ongoing and future projects.

Kirstin Brown, a highly accomplished professional with an extensive project management and development background, has been elected as Northstar’s next President to lead the firm. Since its inception, Kirstin has been an integral part of Northstar, bringing proven leadership, dedication, and a deep alignment with the company’s mission, making her the ideal successor. Serving as Tom Fanning’s trusted right-hand person for over 25 years, Kirstin brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to guide Northstar.

“Northstar has been, and always will be a dynamic organization and the partners strongly believe that leadership changes will infuse new ideas, generate opportunities for additional business growth and create lanes for the next generation of leaders in the firm,” stated Tom Fanning. “We have always believed firms that don’t adapt, change and innovate tend to stagnate and that has never been the Northstar way.”

“I am honored to lead Northstar,” stated Kirstin Brown. “I look forward to working with my partners to continue to diversify and innovate our service offerings to stay at the forefront of the market. We will also be focused on continuing to grow the firm’s management structure to support an orderly succession plan and growth trajectory for the next generation of leaders.”

While specific plans are still being developed, Kirstin shared her vision, saying, “Northstar’s values and mission will not change. We will continue to be managed by a group of principals working together and managing as one, focusing on sustained growth, innovation, and continued excellence as owner’s project managers. As a group, we are committed to ensuring that Northstar continues to exceed client expectations while upholding the values that have made Northstar a trusted name in the industry.”

Kristin Brown