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FridayJun 23
Boston, MA
A Compendium of Property & Capital News

Recent RE Transactions


BUYER: Trea One Beeman Road LLC, by TH Real Estate
SELLER: MM Industrial Beeman Road LLC
PRICE/ADD: $33,350,000; 1 Beeman Rd., Northborough
NOTES: Industrial property, constructed 1983

MTG: $4,200,000 from East Boston Savings Bank
ADD: 121 Hale St., Lowell
BWR: Hale CPI LLC, c/o Calare Properties


BUYER: We Close the Deal LLC, managed by Alan Sharaf, Fred Starikov, Stephen Whalen
SELLER: Jay S. Rose
PRICE/ADD: $1,850,000; 20 Marion St., Brookline
MTG: $3,950,000 from Norwood Cooperative Bank
NOTES: Two-family property, constructed 1884;

BUYER: 31 Porter Street LLC, managed by David Keefe
SELLER: Maryanne Manfra
PRICE/ADD: $1,750,000; 31 Porter St., Somerville
MTG: $1,580,000 from First Boston Construction Holdings
NOTES: Three-family property, const. 1900

{All transaction inside}